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Banteay Meanchey Province Cambodia, Banteay Meanchey Travel Guide, Transportation in Banteay Meanchey, Banteay Meanchey Information

Monday, 10 January 2011 07:24 administrator
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Banteay Meanchey Province

Banteay Meanchey is a Cambodian province in the northwest of the country, and its capital is named Sisophon. This area was part of the extensive Khmer empire, with its most notable remains the Banteay Chhmar temple (built in 12th and 13th century) in the north of the province.

In the 17th century the Siam took control over Cambodia, and made the area of the modern province part of Sisophon Province. In the year 1907 the Siam had to cede control to the French, and the area was then included into Battambang Province. In 1988 the province Banteay Meanchey was split off from Battambang.

It's very friendly place with the locals genuinely happy to see foreign faces and the stability that it implies. Normally just a passing-through spot on the way to the border, or between Battambang and Siem Reap, the area has a few sights that warrant a visit, such the Banteay Chhmar temple ruins, the only other Khmer temple ruins besides the Bayon (Angkor) and Preah Khan ( Preah Vihear Province ) that features the famous four-faced monuments.

The province is subdivided into 8 districts, which are further subdivided in 64 communes and 634 villages.
  • Mongkol Borei
  • Phnom Srok
  • Preah Netr Preah
  • Ou Chrov
  • Serei Saophoan
  • Thma Puok
  • Svay Chek
  • Malai
Banteay Meanchey borders with Thailand to the west and North, with Oddar Meancheay to the North, with Siem Reap to the East and with Battambang to the South. The town of Sisophorn is about 359km from Phnom Penh via national road number 5.

The province is mostly covered by extensive lowlands, with a few uplands to the North and East (all in all around 6,679 sq/km surface). The main rivers are the Mongkol Borei River and the Sisophon River.

Poipet is a town on the Thailand/Cambodia border. It?s the key crossing point between the two countries, and also extremely popular as a gambling destination with lot?s of casinos (gambling is popular, but illegal in Thailand). There is a strip of casinos, guesthouses and hotels between the Thai and Cambodian passport control counters, enabling Thais to gamble in Cambodia without needing to go through Cambodian immigration. Poipet is adjacent to the city of Aranya Pratet on the Thai side of the border.

Average Temperature: 30.oC ? 33.oC Rain fall: 885.30 mm/year Evaporation: 4.41 mm/day (May - July) 3.37 mm/day ((August - October) Humidity: Hot and Wet Wind velocity: 3 m/s (May) 2.9 m/s (June) 2.5 m/s (July) 3.1 m/s (August)

    There are 3 different seasons:
  • Rainy season: June - October (<32c)
  • Cool season: November- February (>27c)
  • Hot season: March- May : Temperature: from 27c -34c


    Population :
  • 678,0336 in 2008
  • Density 101.5/km2 (262.9/sq mi)
    Area :
  • Total 6,679 km2 (2,578.8 sq mi)
    Districts : 8
    Communes 64
    Villages 624

Local Tours

Banteay Chhmar:
The temple is located at Thmar Puok District, along the National Road No 69A, about 59 kilimeters north of the province town. Nowadays, the temple is damaged because of war and gangs of offendees who have stolen statues and the temple stone for selling them to Thailand.

Ban Teay Chhmar temple is the main tourist attractive site of the province in luring foreign tourists to visit. In the far northwestern corner of Cambodia the looted Angkorian temple of Banteay Chhmar sits teetering on the brink of a revival. A paved road scheduled to start construction this year is bound to increase visitors. Craig Gerard braves the bumpy journey to find a slice of Cambodian tranquillity. Commissioned by King Jayavarman VII and situated some 15km from the Thai border, Banteay Chhmar is often compared to Angkor Thom in size and structure.

The complex is full of sandstone bas-reliefs that tell stories of ancient Cambodian battles. Witnessing the preservation of the temple and experiencing the beauty of the local community will reward the adventurous traveller.
Banteay Torp:
Banteay Torp means the army base. it is about 55 km from the provincial town. It was the bigest army base during the civil war since 1970.It is located in Road No. 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District. Today, it become a historical war places to the local and international tourists to visit.
Bonteay Neang:
How far: about 11 km from provincial town. It takes 20mns by car to reach there. There are several historical sites and colonial buildings. It is located in Road No. 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District.
Cheung Krouh is about 63 km from the provincial town. It is located in road 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District.
La Ang Phnom Touch:
La Ang Phnom Touch is the natural and cultural resort locating at Se Rey Sa Phoan District, along the National Road No.5, about 28 kilometers south of provincial town. The site features natural wells and big and small mountains with large stone faces and surfaces. From the mountaintops, visitors have a spectacular view of the natural forests and a pagoda on the mountain side.
Kang Va Basin:
Kang Va basin is the natural resort locating at Serey Sophoan District, along the National Road No 69A, about 4kilometer distance from the provincial town or 364 kilometer distance from Phnom Penh. Visitors who visit the resort are usually interested in: Abundance of fresh air. Beautiful scenary with blowing winds of Ang Teuk Kang Va basis was built from 1976 to 1978, during the Khmer Rouge regime, as a water reservoir for dry season rice cultivation.
Phnom Svay :
1 km (2mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Nature Wildlife Preserves, Road No. 5, Kortan Village, O' Ormpel Commune, Serey Sophorn District.
Phnom Bak:
Phnom Bak and Phnom Chenh Chiang are the natural and cultural resort locating at Se Rey Sa Phoan District, along the National Road No 5, about 5kilometers west of Banteay Meanchey provincial town. The two mountains are near one another. The vertical faces of the mountains a like a wall. At the flank, there is a place for visitors to relax. At the foot of the mountain is a large well, 10 squar meters and 12 meters deep.


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